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Most Popular Policies of SBI General Insurance

  • SBI Health Insurance Policy
    This health plan provides utmost financial protection to policyholders in time of hospitalization and other treatment expenses.
    Key features of health insurance plan
    • No sub-limits on room & ICU rent
    • Zero limit on doctor’s fees
    • add-on covers available
    • Availability of flexible plans
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  • SBI Motor Private Car Insurance Plan
    The plan provides coverage to the policyholders' own vehicle and damage and loss of third party cars.
    Key features of Private Car Insurance Plan
    • Coverage available against third party liabilities
    • Damages to policyholders' own vehicle is covered
    • Personal accident coverage is available
    • Availability of add-on covers
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  • SBI Long Term Home Insurance Policy
    This home insurance plan offers complete and lasting protection to the residence of the policyholders.
    Key features of Long Term Home Insurance Policy
    • In-built coverage against earthquake
    • Wide range of policy tenure from 3 to 30 years
    • Optional coverage against terror act available
    • Protection available against water tanks burst, missile testing operations
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  • SBI Individual Personal Accident Policy
    This policy provides compensation against death, disabilities and loss of income of policyholders because of an Accident.
    Key features of Individual Personal Accident Policy
    • Allowance available for hospitalization with add-on cover
    • Permanent Total Disability benefit available
    • Adaptation Allowance and Education Benefit available with add-on cover
    • Availability of cumulative bonus
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SBI General Insurance Company

bharti_axa_logoSBI General Insurance came into existence after the collaboration of Insurance Australia Group and State Bank of India. Out of the total capital of SBI General Insurance, SBI possesses 74% and IAG owns 26%.

Facts and figures of SBI General Insurance

SBI General Insurance saw a Gross Written Premium of Rs.1606 crores at the close of its 5th fiscal operation in 2014-15. The Rs. 1577 crores Gross Direct Premium helped SBI General Insurance register a 33% growth. The geographical coverage of SBI General Insurance expanded to 77 cities across India and total strength of 2246 employees at the end of March 2015.

SBI General Insurance boasts widespread presence in 17,274 branches of State Bank of India. Moreover, SBI General Insurance also had 10 Regional Rural Banks licensed in 2014-15 fiscal. SBI General Insurance goes by a strong multi-distribution model which encompasses Bancassurance, Agencies, Retail and Brooking Direct Channels. At present, the Distribution family of SBI General Insurance comprises of more than a whopping 14,178 employees in SBI certified by IRDA and in Associate Banks along with more than 6323 Agents.

Currently, SBI General Insurance offers wide array of policies for Individuals and for Businesses.

Claims Philosophy of SBI General Insurance

The dedicated and experienced claim management team at SBI General Insurance aims to provide customers with convenient, fair,fast, transparent claims process for the management and settlement of your claim. SBI General Insurance always pays out valid claims in a timely manner. Claim team at SBI General Insurance will offer the following services;

• SBI General Insurance will provide assist customers during emergency situations
• SBI General Insurance will relieve the claim stress by offering co-ordination with replacement and repair of your possessions
• SBI General Insurance will inform customers about claim status on regular basis
• SBI General Insurance will let customers access its preferred provider of local service as per their choice
• Adept professionals at SBI General Insurance are capable of making prompt decision and processing claims in a fast and efficient manner.

Grievance Redressal at SBI General Insurance

SBI General Insurance values its customers and committed to provide them with best in class service. SBI General Insurance will have concern receipt acknowledged within 3 days and will come up with response as soon as the investigation about the grievance gets completed.

Grievance Redressal Process at SBI General Insurance

There are three steps of grievance redressal at SBI General Insurance.

The very first step that customers can make is submit online complaints on the portal of SBI General Insurance. Alternatively, customers can also call on toll-free number or send mail to the customer care department of SBI General Insurance. In case, this first step doesn’t trigger any response within 3 days, customers need to follow the second step of grievance redressal at SBI General Insurance.

Customers of SBI General Insurance can send email to Customer Care Head and also to the Grievance Redressal Officer of SBI General Insurance. If even this step doesn’t provide satisfactory solution, customers of SBI General Insurance need to resort to the third and final step.

Customers of SBI General Insurance have to appeal to the Chairman of the Grievance Redressal Committee. The Committee will then investigate the appeal and make prompt decision on the merit of the appeal.

If all these three steps fail to resolve the issue, the customers of SBI General Insurance are left with just one option of approaching the Insurance Ombudsman for Redressal.

Senior Citizens customers of SBI General Insurance can also send email to specified section that looks after grievances of senior citizen.

Vision of SBI General Insurance

SBI General Insurance aims to become the most reliable general insurer and lead the nationwide campaign to increase insurance penetration in India by implementing transparent and fair business practices.

Principles of SBI General Insurance

• Professionals at SBI General Insurance will be exceptional
• Customers of SBI General Insurance will come across best in class service
• Professionals at SBI General Insurance will show discipline in selecting and pricing risk
• SBI General Insurance will work along with regulators to expand market
• SBI General Insurance will innovate ways of doing things

Values of SBI General Insurance

• Trust
• Teamwork
• Transparency
• Learning
• High Performance

Customer Service Motto of SBI General Insurance

SBI General Insurance is pledged to put together unceasing “Exceptional Customer –
Experience” by having our promises delivered with flawless quality and with clear transparency by defending interests of esteemed customers of SBI General Insurance within stipulated timelines.

Objective of SBI General Insurance Citizen’s Charter

Main objective of Citizens’ Charter of SBI General Insurance is to enhance the service quality further. This charter represents key information on facilities and services on offer for all customers of SBI General Insurance. The Charter offers comprehensive information about the mechanism for grievance redressal mechanism at SBI General Insurance as well. The charter further specifies policyholders’ obligations to ensure a healthy relationship between insured and insurer.

Commitments of SBI General Insurance to Customers

• SBI General Insurance is promised to act fairly, courteously and reasonably while dealing customers
• SBI General Insurance vows to ensure that all its procedures are distinct and documents are clear and all customers are provided with comprehensible information regarding policies and products
• SBI General Insurance is committed to provide customers with renewal reminders
• SBI General Insurance will settle all genuine claims in time
• SBI General Insurance will deal quickly and compassionately with wrongdoings by rectifying and taking care of complaints quickly
• SBI General Insurance will keep personal information of customers confidential
• SBI General Insurance will disclose and make available copies of its Citizens Charter, have copies available
• SBI General Insurance will ensure that its professionals are skilled enough to put the Citizens’ Charter into practice.

Latest happenings at SBI General Insurance

SBI General Insurance study reports pollution exposure

In July of 2016, SBI General Insurance teamed with Sustainable Solutions for Environment has come up with the report that people of 8 cities in India are suffering from cardiac and respiratory illness. The report by SBI General Insurance also revealed that these people are exposed to Particulate Matter, Sulphur Dioxide and Nitrogen Dioxide in the air.

SBI General Insurance to give greater thrust on sale of home insurance products

In the December of 2015, SBI General Insurance sought growth in home insurance section. SBI General Insurance scope for growth in home insurance considering the launch of affordable insurance products and increasing awareness of consumers. To tap into the growing demand, SBI General Insurance was in the process of introducing a simpler and easy-to-afford brand new home insurance plan.

Awards and recognitions of SBI General Insurance

The “Marketing Initiative of the Year” award was conferred on SBI General Insurance at the India Insurance Awards 2016 by Fintelekt. SBI General Insurance got this award for the promotion of health insurance in the less penetrated parts in India. The award is the acknowledgment of the innovative campaign carried out by SBI General Insurance on the mass level to spread awareness in health insurance in the remote corners of the Country.

SBI Health Insurance Plans

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Contact Details — SBI General Insurance Company :

Corporate & Registered Office
Natra, 101, 201 & 301,
Junction of Western Express Highway & Andheri Kurla – Road,
Andheri (East), Mumbai – 400 069
Phone: 1800 22 1111 / 1800 102 1111