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Most Popular Policies of SBI General Insurance

  • SBI Health Insurance Policy
    This health plan provides utmost financial protection to policyholders in time of hospitalization and other treatment expenses.
    Key features of health insurance plan
    • No sub-limits on room & ICU rent
    • Zero limit on doctor’s fees
    • add-on covers available
    • Availability of flexible plans
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  • SBI Motor Private Car Insurance Plan
    The plan provides coverage to the policyholders' own vehicle and damage and loss of third party cars.
    Key features of Private Car Insurance Plan
    • Coverage available against third party liabilities
    • Damages to policyholders' own vehicle is covered
    • Personal accident coverage is available
    • Availability of add-on covers
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  • SBI Long Term Home Insurance Policy
    This home insurance plan offers complete and lasting protection to the residence of the policyholders.
    Key features of Long Term Home Insurance Policy
    • In-built coverage against earthquake
    • Wide range of policy tenure from 3 to 30 years
    • Optional coverage against terror act available
    • Protection available against water tanks burst, missile testing operations
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  • SBI Individual Personal Accident Policy
    This policy provides compensation against death, disabilities and loss of income of policyholders because of an Accident.
    Key features of Individual Personal Accident Policy
    • Allowance available for hospitalization with add-on cover
    • Permanent Total Disability benefit available
    • Adaptation Allowance and Education Benefit available with add-on cover
    • Availability of cumulative bonus
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SBI Critical Illness Insurance Policy

The SBI Critical Illness Insurance Policy is one policy that looks after the critical illness that might affect a person. This policy is made to cover the most important 13 critical illnesses that are mentioned in the policy documents. This is made on a fixed sum of amount, without looking for the medical expenses that are incurred. This facility of the policy ensures that the benefactor can bear the costs of the treatment to be done for the critical illnesses without the fear of falling short of money.

The benefits given by the policy are:-

Major Organ Transplant is covered. Coronary Artery Bypass Graft is covered by the policy. Aorta Graft surgery is also covered by the policy.
Heart Valve Surgery is covered by the policy. Stroke is covered. Myocardial infarction which is usually referred to as the first heart attack is also covered by the policy.
Coma is covered by the policy. Total blindness is something that is also covered by the policy. Paralysis is covered by the policy.

The policy can also be bought online from:-

The features and benefits along with the coverage of the policy are enough to entice the benefactors of the policy to buy it. For buying the policy, you can go to the link below. The link will take you to a form which you have to fill up regarding all the details they ask for and then do the payment online itself. The SBI general Insurance Company accepts payments in the form of credit cards or debit cards. You can opt for the call me back facility which will allow the company and its executives to give you a call back where you can get to know about all the features of the company by yourself. Once you are convinced enough to buy the policy then you can click on the link given below and then fill up the form, after filling which you will have the policy at your doorstep in just a few days.

The coverage of the policy ranges at:-


The exclusions to the policy include:-

  • Any kind of traumatic injury of the brain is excluded from the policy.
  • If there is any kind of vascular disease which is affecting only the eye or the optic nerve is excluded from the coverage of the policy.
  • Along with this, pre-existing conditions are not included in the policy.
  • Any kind of claim arising within the waiting period is deemed to be cancelled.
  • Any kind of diseases or injury which is not necessary to do or any kind of procedure done over by another person apart from a registered medical practitioner is deemed to be excluded from the policy coverage.
  • Birth control procedures and related critical illness arising from it has been excluded from the coverage of the policy.
  • If there is any kind of critical illness due to the use of alternative medicines like acupuncture, osteopath, homeopathy, ayurvedic etc are not covered by the policy.
  • Attempted suicide by the benefactor, irrespective of the face that the benefactor is sane or insane is deemed to be excluded from the coverage of the policy.
  • Apart from this, any kind of diseases that has caused the death of the benefactor within the given survival period which is to be measured from the date of incidence of the illness is to be excluded from the policy.

The few points to keep in mind are:-


You can buy this policy online with the help of credit cards or debit cards. Net banking is also a feature that is available with the company’s website. If you have any kind of doubt about the site or its features, you can request the company to call you back with a number provided by you and they will be happy to oblige. In the call, you can clear all the doubts that you might have regarding the company or the policy and then proceed to the link given below to buy the policy online. Just to note, any wrong information can lead to the cancellation of the policy.

Other companies providing similar policies include:-

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