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Most Popular Policies of SBI General Insurance

  • SBI Health Insurance Policy
    This health plan provides utmost financial protection to policyholders in time of hospitalization and other treatment expenses.
    Key features of health insurance plan
    • No sub-limits on room & ICU rent
    • Zero limit on doctor’s fees
    • add-on covers available
    • Availability of flexible plans
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  • SBI Motor Private Car Insurance Plan
    The plan provides coverage to the policyholders' own vehicle and damage and loss of third party cars.
    Key features of Private Car Insurance Plan
    • Coverage available against third party liabilities
    • Damages to policyholders' own vehicle is covered
    • Personal accident coverage is available
    • Availability of add-on covers
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  • SBI Long Term Home Insurance Policy
    This home insurance plan offers complete and lasting protection to the residence of the policyholders.
    Key features of Long Term Home Insurance Policy
    • In-built coverage against earthquake
    • Wide range of policy tenure from 3 to 30 years
    • Optional coverage against terror act available
    • Protection available against water tanks burst, missile testing operations
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  • SBI Individual Personal Accident Policy
    This policy provides compensation against death, disabilities and loss of income of policyholders because of an Accident.
    Key features of Individual Personal Accident Policy
    • Allowance available for hospitalization with add-on cover
    • Permanent Total Disability benefit available
    • Adaptation Allowance and Education Benefit available with add-on cover
    • Availability of cumulative bonus
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SBI Individual Personal Accident Policy

Our life is such that risks are something that has been entwined to the lives too much. Whenever we go out or even if we stay at home, we are always open to accidents. It is, thus, feasible to safe guard the whole family from these uncertainties. Keeping this thing in mind, SBI general insurance has brought into view the.

SBI Individual Personal accident policy

This policy is made to cover the loss of life, disabilities and the loss of income member of the family due to an accident. At very suitable premium ranges, this policy has it all. Educational benefits, to a 15 day look up period. The policy has more than one can bargain for in such a price range.

The benefits given by the policy are:-

As a benefit of the policy, the policy covers any kind of permanent total disablement of the benefactor and also looks after the educational benefits of the dependent children once the sole earning member of the family is disabled. The policy ensures 100% of the capital sum insured if there is a loss of two limbs or loss of two eyes. In case of loss of one limb or one eye the policy gives the 50% of the capital sum insured by the benefactor. In case of accidental death, the company provided 100% of the capital sum insured.

Some additional benefits by the policy include:-

Temporary total or partial disablement.
Allowance Ambulance Charges
Hospitalization charges Accidental Death

You can buy the policy from:-

The SBI general insurance company gives the feature of call back to all the customers and to be customers of the company where you can request the company’s executives to give you a cal on the number provided by you. This will ensure that you get all the queries that you have regarding the company and the policies, answered by the executives. These executives are trained on responding to the queries by the customers. The company also has the facility of online buying of the policy where you can use your credit or debit cards to buy the policy online. You can also use net banking to buy the policy. The link to buying of the policy is given below.

Some of the key features of the policy are:-


The additional features to the policy are:-

  • Terrorism and any kind of damage or injury to the benefactor due to allied factors are features by the policy.
  • The best part of the policy is that there is no need for any kind of health check up for the issuance of the policy.
  • If a benefactor goes for the family floater then they will also get an additional discount of 10%

The coverage of the policy include:-

Apart from the many different features of the policy, any kind of accident that results in the loss of life is covered under the policy. The SBI Personal Accident Insurance Policy is also known for covering any kind of disabilities that are to be faced by the benefactor due to any kind of accident. It covers any kind of income loss due to accident of the benefactor.

Some minute details of the policy are:-

Minimum Maximum
Policy Term (in years) 1 1
Sum Insured (in Rupees) 5,00,000 50,00,000

If the features and the benefits given by the policy lure you enough to buy the policies then what are you waiting for? Given below is a link which you can access to buy the policy. This policy can be bought online with the help of credit cards or debit cards. Net banking is something that can also be used if you want to buy the SBI Individual personal Accident policy. There is also a system of call back given in the website which can be accessed if you want the agents of the company to give you a call and then you can know everything you need about the policy.

Other companies providing similar policies include:-

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